Technical descriptions

Every times, the wood is the result of the high quality block section, which is the production of healthy wood cutting (divisive or final cutting) and the stove is made of the Saw first quality (F1). The stove is kept under open air for at least 24 months. The stove’s final form is created with the help of the suitable machines taken into account its size as well. When creating barrels, the application of home standard happens. (KKÜ 07-1959)

Inside workmanship
The barrel’s inner surface is made according to the quality standards. It is possible to alter from it if it is a need.

Outer workmanship
Refined wood surface. The barrel, depending on its size, is held together with 6-8 iron hoops which can be galvanized by fire or acid resistant. Smaller than 2 mms surface eye knot in diameter is allowed.

Into the barrel’s in- letting and emptying gap, we place a 40*45*55 mms silicon plastic cork, then we wrap over the barrel with a 500 mms wide foil to prevent any harms via transportation. We can alter from this process if needed, or in the case of economical reasons.
– Kalina Kádárüzem –
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