Sulphur story


A few words about sulphur is necessary because without it, wine does not exist. Sulphur is applied to stabilize the wine and to avoid oxidation. Sulphur prevents the occurance of unnecessary yeast (fungi) and bacteria. As a result of the careful and clean cellar work, the amount of sulphur can be lowered but the total lack of it is not possible.

Oak tree and red wine – a strong connection
Originally, the portable wine was poured into the small oak barrels. Nowadays, the barrique- matured- wine is widespread all around the world. Nevertheless, the relationship of wine and and oak has not been clarified so far. Maturing wine in the small barrels increases the potential aroma variety and complexity of it, if applied cleverly. Wine, through the connection with wood is enriched by such aromas like coconut, clove or vanilla. However, the wood aroma must not dominate the wine, but only give additions to the type character’s, the fruit’s and the growing places’ harmony. The wood influences the colour and structure of wine. A wood barrrel preserves the wine from the damaging effect of the oxygen of air, and what is more, it makes possible the breathing of wine through the pores of wood. Consequently, the red wine’s tannins improve to their benefit and slowly they become more and more round and smooth. Finally, when the new wine recieves the last touch, it develops its complex aromas.
There are small oak barrels made of French oak, American oak, Slavonian oak, Spessart oak, Hunchrück oak and Swabian oak. Depending on its origin, the wood is rough- or fine grained, enriched or less enriched by acquired materials that manifest these characteristic in the wine. Though, not only the origin of oak is crucially important but the burning of barrel above open fire, too. Depending on the intensity of burning, the smell of wine resembles of toast, coffee, or charamel. A first time used barrel results essentially more intense aromas, than a secondly or thirdly filled barrel.

Wood at any price?
Those who believe that wood can give more strength and can make the weak, thin wine more expressive are wrong. Maturing wine in wood barrels can only happen in the case of first quality, strong wines. We should not forget that, the small wood barrel is quite expensive, so that its application is possible only consciously, in the case of excellent quality.

There is of course a cheaper solution, to add wood-shavings into the new wine, which is kept in containers. However, it results such a weak imitation because the wine only receives the wood aromas but lacks the breathing through pores. This latter mentioned method decides everything and obviously can not be found in airless steel containers.
Perhaps it is much better if a correct, fruity and fresh red wine is made.

– Kalina Kádárüzem –
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