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For the use of barrels bought in the Kalina Cooper Trade (plus the 136 ls Gönci, 220 ls Szerednyei and 225-228 ls barrique barrels).

You have bought a product, made of natural raw materials. It requires constant maintenance. ’Barrels have souls, that need taking care, otherwise they can easily lose their balance’. The proper use is mentioned in the Preparation of barrel and maintenance using guide. If you do not keep the orders, the product can go wrong. As a result of the barrels’ 98% wood content, wood illnesses can appear, like mycoses, moulding etc… due to not suitable maintenance.

The not properly used and cared products are not guaranteed by the producer.
The barrel’s supposed mending can only happen in our workshop by Tállya, Bercsényi street 20. H-3907, where right tools are for fixing them.

Products must avoid:
They can not stay for long (more than 2-3 days) in dry sunny places if they are not filled with some liquid. If it happens still, by the fitting points the barrel can leak. This can be solved with kneading through a two-day-long soaking in cold water (or frequently changed cold-hot water baths).
The surface of barrel is highly sensitive. Polished. It is not surface protected but natural. To sustain the surface’s aesthetical appearance, do not roll it into mud. Do not hurt it with sharp, pointed objects.
It is suggested to supply 70-80 % humidity for the barrel and 8-16 Celsius.
In the case of proper use, we guarantee the product for 2 years.

Cost of transportation:
Every times the customer must make sure of the transport. The chosen product, relies on the Kalina Cooper Trade’s Standards, according to the Technological Description of our Firm.

The product remains in the ownership of the producer till the price is not payed.

02. January, 2008. Tállya

Kalina Cooper Trade – Birch wood Deposit Company
Nyírjes-Fa Bt.
H-3907 Tállya, 20 Bercsényi street
Tel./Fax: 00 36 47 384 134

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