Barrique tale


The cooper assistant and the washerwoman

Since the clay- made- pottery amporas are exchanged by wood barrels, the oak got married with wine. That is true, their connection was qualified to be secret love for long. Earlier, the inside barrels were nutralized by acid water and caustic lye to avoid the aromas and tastes of oak mixing with wine. If it could not happen, then the appearing wood in the wine was a mistake. Proverb reported, ’There is splinter in the wine!’. At that times, it was easier to recognise splinter in the other’s wine than the beam in ours.

Well, people are strange creatures. Things against which people fought for tooth and nail yesterday, are followable patterns and proper things today. For reaching the wished burnt- wood –taste, even precisely burnt wood pieces of shavings were floated in the wine which did not know barrels at all. We have not mentioned the chips’ bags yet, which are tied at the bottom of steel containers.

The barrique is a magical word, however it originally means very simply barrel. This is applied to a certain cubic- capacity-sized (usually 225 l) specially made oak barrel. Their speciality is to burn out their inside. Why? As in the case of many inventions and discoveries, this can be thanked to an accident.
According to tales, that know everything, a ham-fisted French cooper assistant was the reason why we turn mad about barrique nowadays. At early times, wine was carried in wood barrels to America. Once, when doing the same every day process, a significantly smart washerwoman strolled along in front of the window of the cooper trade. The assistant opened his mouth, his forehead became wet, fire burnt his body and he burnt one barrel’s inside. When the goods arrived to the New World a few months later, the ’mistaken’ barrel’s content was not only essentially different but was better appreciated by everyone as well.

– Kalina Kádárüzem –
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