About barrel

That worth special value to have the unpedunculated oak settled in the Tokaj mountains’ higher areas as the raw material of barrel making. The wood of barrels influences the wine maturing process... more »

The flavours of barrels and wine
The lactons are the subgroup of esthers. The lactons get into the wine from the grape or can be generated through the fermentation or even from the wood barrels resolved. From the oak lactons... more »

Toasted aromatherapy
Burning out the barrel has different phases. There is milky coffee colour, light coffee or even black as an expresso. At the latter mentioned type, the fibres open, then blister while inside the stoves tiny little cracks open... more »

How to taste barrels?
At this time, we are not going to taste the liquid of grape but the wood in the wine. We will taste out the barrel from the wine. The seance will take place in the headquarters of Borigo in Kenyérmező street... more »

Sulphur history
A few words about sulphur is necessary because without it, wine does not exist. Sulphur is applied to stabilize the wine and to avoid oxidation. Sulphur prevents the occurance of unnecessary yeast (fungi) and bacteria... more »

Barrique tale
Since the clay- made- pottery amporas are exchanged by wood barrels, the oak got married with wine. That is true, their connection was qualified to be secret love for long. Earlier, the inside barrels... more »
– Kalina Kádárüzem –
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